Previously established in Fall of 2015 by Raul de la Rosa, in Miami Dade College (MDC), Hialeah Campus. The 2018 MDC SHPE Chapter is dedicated to letting our members explore and increase their professional opportunities through tours to local companies.

Boeing was the first company who opened their doors to us. The tour of their facilities has successfully motivated our students to continue their studies and focus on their careers so one day they are able to work in a place they were just “touring” at one point. The Sony internship our campus provides and cultivates the necessary skills to survive in the corporate world where effectiveness, efficiency, and innovation are well appreciated.

We also notify our members about upcoming scholarships, internships, and fellowships offered by STEM affiliated companies and organizations. In the NASA Community College Aerospace Scholars (NCAS), our members are introduced to collaborate with students from diverse backgrounds and cultures and give them the experience needed in their STEM discipline.

Overall, our goal is to train and mold our students into the engineers and scientists of tomorrow by introducing them to the wonders of their careers in every way we can.

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Chapter Mission

The MDC SHPE Chapter’s mission is providing academic guidance, professional development, and networking opportunities to STEM community college students of diverse backgrounds. We are committed to the ideology:

Help others to achieve their dreams, and you will achieve yours.

Our Vision:

The MDC SHPE Chapter prepares its members to become valuable in today’s job market by organizing community service projects related to STEM, creating partnerships with companies to hold workshops and career fairs at Miami Dade College and hosting social events to bring the STEM community to Miami Dade College. Our chapter will strive to make success the only option our members choose to take by making it easily accessible through SHPE.

For more information be sure to contact us or send us an email at

By Patricia Gonzales on July 16, 2018

Computer Science student, President of SHPE MDC.